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Progressive distributors MX-F

Progressive distributors MX-F are built in a variable
disk construction. Therefore the distributor can be,
depending on the number of lubrication points,
extended or shortened. Because of the disk
construction there is the possibility to join individual
distributor disks (middle element, end element) with
different metering volumes together to one complete
progressive distributor.

Technical description

Progressive distributors MX-F are built in a variable
disk construction. Therefore the distributor can be,
depending on the number of lubrication points,
extended or shortened. Because of the disk
construction there is the possibility to join individual
distributor disks (middle element, end element) with
different metering volumes together to one complete
progressive distributor.
The different metering volume per stroke is effected
by different piston diameters.
A progressive distributor needs at least three