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Series SSV metering devices in block design

SSV are single block progressive metering devices that reliably divide the incoming lubricant in predetermined individual quantities. SSVs can be used with high backpressures, and they are ideally suitable for a wide range of temperatures. The maximum operating pressure is 350 bar. SSV metering devices are available with 6 to 22 outlets. Monitoring is possible via pin indicator for visual system monitoring or with piston detector for electrical system monitoring.

For use in progressive lubrication systems
SSV are single block progressive metering devices that reliably divide the incoming lubricant in predetermined individual quantities. SSVs can be used with high backpressures, and they are ideally suitable for a wide range of temperatures. The maximum operating pressure is 350 bar. SSV metering devices are available with 6 to 22 outlets. Monitoring is possible via pin indicator for visual system monitoring or with piston detector for electrical system monitoring.


Features and benefits:

1.Sizes up to 22 outlets
2.High operating pressure
3.Exact lubricant metering
4.Unique internal crossporting technology
5.Optionally equipped with visual monitoring pin or with electrically monitored piston detector



1.Construction and mining
2.Farm machinery
3.Industrial equipment
4.Renewable energies